“I had just moved into my new home and was having difficulties setting up my kitchen in a way that worked for me functionally. Jane helped me sort through what I had and grouped it all according to use.

Then she showed me how to organized my kitchen in a way that flowed. She also brought containers for me to try out, so I could see a range of possibilities.

Through the whole process, I found Jane to be up beat and a pleasure to have in my home.”
– Diana

“My husband and I employed Jane Stoller to help us move from a house that we had lived in for 25 years to a condo. Until I spoke with Jane, the task ahead was most intimidating, but after speaking with her, my fears subsided! She sat me down and asked what I wanted to accomplish, then outlined a plan which pleased me and we started.

We went from closet to cupboards, from the basement, to the garage to top floor and the goal was to place items in boxes. Items that we were moving with, items that we wanted to donate to charities and items that had to be sent to trash. All were labeled, and there was always one marked “undecided”, which we dealt with in time.

Jane always left at the end of the day with charity boxes which she delivered to the charity of our choice. She was most reliable and responsible and at what could have been a most stressful time in our lives, she helped to lessen it. We highly recommend Jane’s services.”
– IM

“Jane first came to help me after we moved into our new home. I had a two year old, and a new baby, and garage pilled high with stuff. After a few days of purging and organizing I was able to park my car in the garage and everything is still in its place months later.

Knowing Jane could handle a tough job like that , I had her return to tackle my office. This was the room where everything without a home got dumped and the floor was mostly covered. Jane helped me sort recycling from give away and found a home for the things I wanted to keep.

The room is tidy, functional and now a pleasure to use as an office. I would recommend Jane’s servies to anyone looking to get more organized or anyone who need a friendly cheerleader to help with overwhelming amounts of “stuff.”
– Jen Jaffe

“With 3 young children and running my family’s foundation I didn’t know how I was ever going to get the kid’s playroom better organized.

Jane helped me with the daunting job of sorting through all the toys. I loved that she took everything I didn’t want away with her that day. I was happy some of it went to Goodwill.

Jane also organized the purchasing of furniture for our playroom. She knew exactly how to set up the room so everything was accessible. Thanks to Jane the playroom is functional, fun and well organized.”
– J. Diamond

“The garage had space but it wasn’t being utilized properly. Jane had an easy, simple solution for me. She also had a fantastic labeling system that can be changed at any time….no sticky labels!

My garage is now the envy of all who see it. Organizing my garage was made fun and easy with Jane’s help”
– K. Schwartz

“Jane helped me arrange my pantry so that I could see what was there, which saved me time and money, because I stopped buying items that I already had! I would recommend Organized by Jane in a heart beat to anyone who finds themselves wishing that were better organized.”
– S. Millman

“Not only is Jane super organized, she gets you motivated. And she doesn’t waste a minute. Best of all, her years of experience means she has ideas and solutions for any home organizing problem you can throw her way. My top two favorites were her solutions for organizing years worth of photos (bankers boxes!) to miscellaneous children’s treasures I didn’t know what to do with (the big memory boxes). Hire Jane. Get organized and be happy!”
– Kris Klaasen